Law Union of Ontario Submission to TPSB regarding the Community-Based Assessment of Police Contact Carding Report

Click here to read the Law Union of Ontario’s written submissions to the TPSB responding to and commenting on the CAPP Report.

In November, 2014 Logical Outcomes released its Community Assessment of Police Practices (CAPP) report titled Community-Based Assessment of Police Contact Carding in 31 Division.  The report was commissioned by the Toronto Police Services Board to evaluate the implementation of the TPSB’s “Community Contacts” policy enacted to respond to concerns respecting the practice of “carding” and its disproportionate impact on racialized youth.

At its public meeting of December 15, 2014, the TPSB considered oral deputations and written submissions responding to and commenting on the CAPP report.  The Law Union of Ontario’s submission to to the TPSB can be viewed here.



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